Antalya is a beautiful old city and the capital of Antalya Province in southern Turkey. It is one of the most popular resorts which is annually visited by millions and millions of people from all over Europe, Russia and other countries. The area has been inhabited since the 2nd century BC and there are plenty of monuments and historic sites preserved around the area, both withing the limits of the city and beyond. Aspendos Historic Site, Hadrian Gate, Hidirlik Castle, some old historic bridges are just a few to mention. Antalya is famous for its numerous hotels, beaches, resorts, amusement parks, shopping areas, plenty of traveling opportunities for tourists who really love spending their vacation there. Numerous waterfalls, parks, gardens, natural preserves are natural attractions of the area.




Türkiye’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean with the Turkaegean and Turkish Riviera, Türkiye is home to the most stunning beaches in the world. Throughout the summer months, Turkey's beautiful beaches, which combine blue and green, offer several opportunities ...