Unfortunately, making our sales as a package (hotel+airplane+transfer) is a precaution we take to protect the quality of our guests’ travel during the flight and transfer process. Meeting you at the airport by the guides within our company is one of our basic principles in ensuring customer satisfaction.

By sending us your passport images, you will initiate the process. After completing the payment step, our reservation team makes your hotel and flight reservations and the relevant documents are delivered to you within the same day, in line with the intensity. The documents we send; It proves your flight tickets and hotel entrance.

Unfortunately, our non-TR sales have not started yet, but our portfolio in Turkey is quite large. We have agreements and business partnerships with hundreds of hotels in almost every city you can think of in Turkey (For example: Antalya-Marmaris-Istanbul-Bodrum-Izmir-Trabzon-Fethiye etc.).

It is possible to complete the payment step by credit card withdrawal or by transfer to Caliber Tour’s bank account (Denizbank ‘TR’).

Unfortunately, this issue is out of our initiative. Our flights, which were at night before, have been converted to day flights with the decision taken by Israel Airport.

Persons under the age of (1.99) are considered infants, and individuals aged between (2 – 11.99) are considered children. If you have children of this age in the process of your travel dates, please do not forget to ask us for a special price by stating this.

Unfortunately, when the reservation is made, we have to instantly ticket your place on the plane and pay a deposit to keep your place at the hotel. For this reason, you must pay at least 50% of the holiday package amount during the reservation and the remaining amount before the travel date.